Achieve your Goal with Best Quran Memorization Program!

Our is engaging and challenging. It invites Hifz students to participate, motivates them to contribute, and captures their interest and attention.

Along with Online Quran Memorization, our program capitalizes on the joy of learning the Quran and challenges students to enhance their reading and communication skills, abilities, and Islamic knowledge.

You get a complete Quran memorizing package on a low budget and unlimited benefits!

1.  What are our Online Quran Learning Goals and Objectives?

  • Enhance the quality of Online Quran learning and Quran teaching.
  • Giving the Hifz students, the feasibility to learn according to their mindset and pace
  • Nurturing the Quran Learning Environment with positive energy to let the Hifz students boost their confidence level.
  • Beautified voices by constant practice and imitation of Qaris.
  • Understood the overall meaning of the surahs memorized.
  • Meet the learning style or needs of Hifz students.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Learnt Lessons by practical implementations.
  • Improve user accessibility and time flexibility to engage Quran learners in the Hifz process.
  • Not just the momentary Memorization of Quran but making it a life long beautiful experience for the Hafiz Students.

2. A thorough plan to let you memorize Quran Online with the Best experience!

Each Quran lesson plan starts by considering what Hifz students will learn or be able to do by the end of the Quran Memorization classes.

Not just a fluffy lecture but also a thoroughly prepared plan to let the student memorize Quran Online By Heart till the end of each Online Quran Class.

Following is the one after another to-do list!

Lesson objectives;

 In each Online Hifz Lecture, the Hifz teacher demonstrates the scheduled lesson and helps the students with learning the new verses.


The pdfs and related stuff for the Quran lesson to be learned are provided prehended.

Learning activities;

 Let the students memorize the verses by repeating them to the teacher and their fellows. Even at home while praying or in Salah.


Weekly and monthly tests to keep the students in check.

Evaluation and reflection.

Monthly reports are prepared and personalized emails for each student to let him/ her know where they lack and where they need to improve.

Letting their parents know what their child is doing in Hifz classes and where they can do better.

3. Top Online Hifz Tutors to help you out!

What makes our Online Hifz Tutors the top preference for you or your kids?

Our Hifz Teachers are not just adept inteaching Quran Hifz but also have other class engaging skills to boost each student’s confidence and instill them with the best learning skills and qualities!

  • Added Flexibility and Self-Paced Online Quran Memorization
  • Better Time Management.
  • Demonstrated Self-Motivation.
  • Improved Virtual Communication and Collaboration.
  • A Broader, Global Perspective.
  • Refined Critical-thinking Skills.
  • New Technical Skills

The Hifz teachers are top students of the world’s renowned Islamic Universities with not just a Quran Memorization Certificate but also the extra curricular skills to be the ideal teacher, a student can imagine being!

4. Multiple Quran Memorization competitions for best practice!

The key to long-lasting and productive Quran memorization is Revisions and Revisions.

Our aim is the same. We arrange multiple Quran memorization Competitions to engrave the Hifz verses in their hearts.

With lots of new and old revisions at every week and month competitions, the chance of any mistake or error is made close to zero.

Students are acknowledged to take part in competitions and evaluation exams,

This way they prepare for the exam beforehand to avoid any mistakes. And the results of each competition are completely discussed with both the students and their parents.

It helps them understand where they need to focus more and where they are doing better.

Rewards are also given to the top working students. It encourages other students to do even better in the next Online Hifz exam. Such a healthy learning environment flourished the growth of students. And they memorize Quran not like as a duty but as they enjoy doing it.

5. Learning Material from Multiple Media for Online hifz Quran.

Along with the Quran Hifz online Lectures, The Hifz Teachers also share the Learning materials with hifz students.

Digital learning materials or e-learning materials are study materials published in digital format. These include e-textbooks, e-workbooks, educational videos, e-tests, etc.

  • Videos.
  • Games.
  • Flashcards.
  • Computer Apps.
  • ppts,
  • whiteboard
  • some resource person
  •  sometimes simple discussion except the topic, to support the teaching standards.

 This way they get to strengthen their memory with both audio and visual learning tricks.

6.  More interaction and greater ability to concentrate with Group classes!

Peer learning: Students Memorize Quran and tend to read lessons to each other, this way they tend to get perfection over time.

Improves critical thinking; Hifz Students boost up their confidence and tend to better critical thinking by interacting more.

Enhances problem-solving: The most desired quality in today’s people! With Our motivating environments, Hifz students solve the riddles while learning and reading verses, this way they become better at problem-solving. It makes them capable to be better teachers in the future.

Improves communication skills: Hifz Students get better at conversing and don’t shy away in small talks. It helps them to be a better speaker: the main feature to adopt the teaching profession in the future.

Improves cultural awareness: Students of different cultures interact with each other, this way they get more comfortable in Online  Hifz classes. They aren’t afraid to make mistakes and become a better version of themselves.

 They learn the culture of each other and explore better this way.

7.  Our Unlimited Virtual Office hours to assist you throughout Quran Memorization Course.

Our Helping desk is available 24/7 to tend to student demands anytime anywhere.

Either the request is related to Hifz Course study, or Hifz Teacher, or any other curriculum related issue. Our unlimited Online Office hours respond almost instantly.

Not just that, but the flexible time table helps the Hifz students who are busy sometimes or stuck in some Hard situation, we help them in every possible way.

They get the recorded lectures in their emails. And they get an appointment with the Online Hifz teacher to make up for the left lesson or clear any confusion and questions. We make sure that no Hafiz student is left behind in knowledge or pace.

8. Grab your Online Quran Memorization Classes on a Minimum budget!

In this era of mind-freezing expenses, Quran Online Academy aims to provide you and your families with low budget Online Quran Memorization classes.


Because we understand your situation and try to help you get close to Allah without any worry of high expenses.

All you need to do is to enroll in our Quran Memorization Course, and here you go… to an absolute path towards Allah’s Guidance and his happiness!


Quran Online Academy believes in innovative and result-driven Quran memorization approaches.

We have designed our strategies with the help of our very talented and experienced Ijazah-certified teachers.

These strategies have proved to be super engaging and helpful in the Quran memorizing period.

So enroll to get to achieve your goals along with our team and your hardworking peers.  In Sha ALLAH

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