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How to make your child Aqeedah strong from an early age? This can only be achieved by starting them on the Quran and Aqeedah from an early age. QuranOnlineAcademy provides the best online Quran Pak academy courses for children so that parents can enroll their children online at any time of the day. Children learn important Islamic concepts such as Aqeedah, Zikr, Arabic words of importance, Fasting, Zakat, and more! Register today with Best QuranOnlineAcademy!

The Importance of Learning Online Quran Pak Academy by Heart

Nowadays, it has become extremely important for all of us to memorize and recite Holy Quran. In fact, according to an Islamic hadith, The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that anyone who recites one letter from Quran will get a reward. So here we are sharing the best online Quran Pak academy that lets you learn how to read, recite and memorize the Qur’an step by step.

Best Online Quran Academy

Choose a Quran Pak academy carefully

Unlike many subjects, you’ll be reading and reciting what you learn from your teacher or from a textbook. You’ll want to choose an instructor who can teach clearly and keep your attention. For that reason, it’s not just about finding a low price for lessons—it’s about finding someone who will inspire you to stick with it long-term.

Benefits of memorizing verses from Qur’an

The reward of reciting ayats from the Qur’an is known as thawab al-qurra (ثواب القراء). While doing wudu, a person should read Surah Fatiha and a maximum of three other surahs. A person who reads one juz’ is given thawab for each juz’ read.

Each juz’ has thirty parts, so by reading one juz’ he gets thawab equal to 900 times multiplied by the number of parts in that juz’. If he reads two juz’s, then he gets 1800 times multiplied by the number of parts in both juz’s. Similarly, if he reads 3, 4, or 5, then his reward will be 2700, 3600, and so on, respectively.

When should you start learning at home?

If you’re a parent, chances are your son or daughter is already showing an interest in religion. Don’t let them be part of some free trial or short class – get them into an online Islamic academy today. The earlier you start learning about Islam, the more likely you will be able to understand its importance and apply it to your life for years to come. There are many academies online offering courses for all ages. Find one that suits your child and enroll now!