Online Quran Learning Academy


Let’s learn Quran Online with one of the best Online Quran Learning Academy. We are providing online Quran teaching services to kids and adults, male and female, across the globe. Our Quran learning courses are specially designed for you and your kids. Under the guidance of qualified Quran Tutors, QuranOnlineAcademy will provide you with step-by-step Quran Learning with the rules of Tajweed and Essential Islamic knowledge. Are you looking for an online Quran tutor for yourself or for your children? Let’s learn Quran with a QuranOnlineAcademy in a one-to-one Quran class in the comfort of your home.

How to start your first lesson?

The first lesson of Nurani Qaida is a great way to learn all students interested in reading, reading with Tafseer, verses, and different lecture styles. The first lesson starts with reading Surah Al-Fatihah on your own and then listening to Quranic recitation by our qualified teacher. You can use translation if you don’t understand the Arabic language, or any other issue related to Arabic language. We encourage you to memorize as much as possible from our first lessons so that you can easily continue learning from the next level without difficulty or confusion.

How is it different than other platforms?

Our Online Quran Learning Academy is different than others because of its convenience, it teaches all students with Tajweed and has an interactive community where you can discuss your lessons. This platform also allows you to learn at home, and there is no time limit or strict schedule. Learn on your own time, when you are most comfortable.

Best Online Quran Academy

QuranOnlineAcademy is an online Quran learning academy that makes it easier by providing everything you need to begin reading the Quran with tajweed (pronunciation), even if you have never done so before. Whether you are just beginning or already familiar with Quranic Arabic, our program will guide you through the process of reading the Quran with tajweed step-by-step and ensure that you reach your goal in the best way possible.

A closer look at our methods

The Nurani Qaida course enables students to learn Quranic Arabic. It is a curriculum designed to allow learners to gain a sound knowledge of Tajweed, as well as proper pronunciation, correct intonation, and fluency in reading. By achieving mastery of Quranic recitation (Tajweed), students will become independent readers of the Quran. They will be able to recite correctly and fluently from memory, understand meanings with ease and use each letter according to its assigned rules.

Who can join us?

If you are a new Muslim looking to start reading Quran, or an existing Muslim who needs a refresher in your skills, then you have come to the right place. Our instructors will teach you all you need to know about Tajweed and enable you to join our online Qur’an classes at minimum cost. What are You waiting for? Join us now! We welcome all Muslims interested in learning more about Qur’an and Islam.