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Our Fee Structure and Schedule Plan

3 Days Free Trail with Each Plan

We are providing 3 Free Trial Days for your satisfaction. ( contact us for free trials) You can also get individual lessons at lowest possible cost as low as 16$ per month.
We are accepting the fee in three currencies now:USD, GBP and AUD. If you are not in these three, you can still ask us the options of fees for you as well.  You can choose the following schedules or a customized schedule as well which is not mentioned here. Weekends classes are possible as well.
Choose your best suited per week plan below and then go for the free trial lesson for that. You can choose any of the following plans.

There are some of the plans available to meet your individual requirements.

Schedule /Week Classes Per Month Each Class Duration Fee USD Fee GBP
2 Classes /Week 08 /Month 30 minutes 20$ /Month 15£ /Month
3 Classes /Week 12 /Month 30 minutes 26$ /Month 20.73£ /Month
5 Classes /Week 20 /Month 30 minutes 40$ /Month 31.90£ /Month
7 Classes /Week 30 /Month 30 minutes 55$ /Month 40£ /Month

Note: We require our customers to pay the fees in US dollars & UK pounds. Our international customers can use Google Currency Converter to see approximate conversion rate in their local currency.

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